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Blockbuster. Got to love it.

I’ve been using blockbusters total access for about 3 months now, and haven’t really had any problems… until today. I get this email in my inbox stating that “your subscription plan will not be affected by these changes.”. Then on … Continue reading

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The first photo

Today Jess & I had a truly amazing experience. We were able to see our baby for the first time. We’ve decided to call it Hanelijah for the time being. Hannah Marie for a girl, and Elijah Michael for a … Continue reading

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Since Parazz went under earlier this year I’ve been looking around for a new online photo storage solution. I haven’t been able to find anything i really like just yet, so i’ve decided to give in and start using flickr … Continue reading

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We have a heartbeat!

Today my wife and I heard our babies heartbeat for the very first time. It’s amazing to think that only after 10 weeks, our child is beginning to come to life. We also made an appointment for an ultrasound next … Continue reading

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CEOs must be designers, not just hire them.

From BusinessWeek – CEOs must be designers, not just hire them. “Innovation, design, and technology are all flowing into one another to form a single river of roaring change radically altering our culture, and especially business culture.” This article reinforces … Continue reading

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Designing a Design Process

A number of months ago I was tasked with creating a standard “sellable” website design process for the creative team at Elexio. A process that would give the team a good procedure to follow without becoming sterile. One that the … Continue reading

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A few new projects.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to begin working with two companies on large scale re-design projects. In doing so, I’m seeing how important it is to integrate the company culture into each design. Both companies, although similar in some respects, … Continue reading

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Emerging Design Trends on Boagworld

They posted a new article up at boagworld on the new, emerging design trends around the web. It just fascinates me at how this space is always changing. Definitely worth the read… – Emerging Design Trends

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on life, love, and verbr…

It’s been an exciting few weeks. Between leaving Elexio, Finding out I’m going to be a dad, starting my freelance career and beginning an internet start-up, I’ve had little time to sit and reflect. This whole “being a dad” thing … Continue reading

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Good Read.


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