on life, love, and verbr…

It’s been an exciting few weeks. Between leaving Elexio, Finding out I’m going to be a dad, starting my freelance career and beginning an internet start-up, I’ve had little time to sit and reflect.

This whole “being a dad” thing really hasn’t sunk in yet. Jess and I will be going to hear our babies heart beat for the first time this coming week. How weird is that!?

It’s also been an interesting time in our relationship. Jess is having a difficult time with morning sickness, and the emotions are just all over the place for both of us. I’m really trying to help out with everything, but as always, could be doing more.

Work-wise – I’m becoming more and more excited about a new project called verbr. We are sparking a lot of interest, and things are progressing very well. The plan is to launch a private beta within the next month or so and then begin to attend as many media conferences as possible. I guess we’ll see what happens! Read the team blog a re.verbr.com.

Well i think that’s all for now.

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