The Crispin Porter + Bogusky Factory?

So I was doing some research today for a client, looking around at various agency websites. First of all, advertising agency websites are awful. What is it that makes them feel that it’s necessary to hide your navigation in bubbles that float around? It just doesn’t make for a good user experience.

Anyways… I went back to today as I do every time I research agencies, but this time, I actually stopped to read the content.

The first statement that you see is “Welcome to the factory”. It then dives into a description of how they are a factory… but they’re not a factory.

“We’re a factory, a factory that makes advertising and branded creative content. But there is no assembly line. All of the work is custom design…”

What are your thoughts? Wouldn’t it make sense that an agency as renown as crispin porten + bogusky would come up with something a bit better for their website?

… thinking about is some more.¬† These guys can really do whatever they want. They’re just that good.

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